Warning: The following article contains mature content that may be inappropriate for children and younger readers. It is an article with allusions to drug use, sexual innuendo, violence, and other adult jokes that are observed throughout the show. This is material that has been speculated on by the SallyLicious fanbase, not the creators themselves. Caution is advised.

SallyLicious is known to be mostly for kids and Tweens. But it's known to have some craziness.

  • "Some Craziness" is another way of saying innuendo.

Craziness in the episodesEdit

Season 1Edit

The WorstEdit

  • When Sally accidentally falls over and kisses her sister, Chloe, her mouth is on Chloe’s hip.
  • Sally dreams about Chloe in her panties.
    • Yolanda: [looks at Sally’s panties] That's nice.
  • When Chloe says she has to pee, she crosses her legs.
    • She later pees on herself.

Sally Gets StuckEdit

  • Sally’s skirt is very short.
  • Sally almost called Melissa a b**** and you can see her mouth moving when she almost says it.
    • Melissa has a poster that says "Sally’s a witch!!!" Replace the "w" with a "b"
  • Sally: We're at school, you can't do that!
  • Mikey: You don't know what I do!!!

Let's Make The Most Of ItEdit

  • During the picture moments, Chloe's behind is almost shown.
    • Sally: I'll get you some ice for your....uh....behind.
  • During the tweet, Sally typed OMGB which means Oh my God, b*tch.
  • During the tryouts for the 9th grade Spelling Bee.
    • Mrs. Sisters: Nope, sorry Sally--the first letter in that word was...
    • Sally: S! I KNOW!!

Are You Kidding Me?Edit

  • Sally’s butt is almost shown.
  • Chloe says she has to pee, and she crosses her legs again.
    • She later says that she doesn't have to pee anymore.

Happy Birthday, Sister!Edit

  • While Sally is singing the birthday song for Chloe, she is wearing a short skirt like she did in Sally Gets Stuck.
    • This might imply that she might like short skirts.

Just Keep It!!!Edit

  • During Finally Victorious when Michael lifts Sally up, Sally’s boobs are in front of Michael’s face.
  • When Chloe and Yolanda rap a song, Yolanda didn't want to rap the next line because she said it was dirty.
  • Chloe said she is going to keep Sally's dirty secret.
  • Chloe said "Watch my babies!" referring to her boobs.

Beautiful In The SkyEdit

  • When Chloe had to pee, her butt wiggled in front of the screen when Michael and Andrew are talking to Sally.
    • It also wiggles when she goes back to the seat.

Season 2Edit

Terror On Kelly StreetEdit

  • Sally said to Melissa, "You insensitive witch!" Replace the "W" with a "B".
  • This exchange:
    • Sally: How do I do this in 15 seconds?
    • Chloe: Come on! My relationship started in 15 seconds!
  • It's easy to notice that Chloe's skirt is really short and you can see her butt.

Shut Up, Brat!Edit

  • Sally said to Yolanda, "Chloe is a bratty witch!". Replace the "w" with a "b".

Some Craziness on The Cherry Blossom High WebsiteEdit

  • During Sally's video:
    • Sally: I love you!
    • Brandon: You're my boo!
      • This can be mistaken for marriage plans.
  • This exchange on Sally's profile:
    • Sally: COME HERE, CHLOE!!
    • Chloe: What?
    • Sally: You're gonna get a good something.