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Sally-Ann "Sally" Pico
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15-17
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Light or Dark Brown
Birthday: May 23, 1994
Height: 2'7"
Weight: 36 pounds
Address: Pollywood, Palifornia
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Cutie Pie
Other Information
Weaknesses: Anger
Chocolate Addiction
Strawberry Addiction
Series Information
First appearance: The Worst
Portrayed By: Sally Angel Pico

Sally-Ann "Sally" Pico is a main character in SallyLicious. She lives in the same room with Chloe.

Sally is portrayed by Sally Angel Pico.


Sally has dark brown hair & eyes. She has pink blush on her cheeks. She also wears a watch sometimes. She wears pink lipstick & eye shadow. She mostly wears dresses.


Sally-Ann is filled with a lot of anger and hatred, mostly caused by the braces she has to wear. Because of that, she usually picks on her sister, Chloe. Most of the time, she is really nice. She has anger issues in The Worst, Sally Gets Stuck, Crazy Mandy, Beautiful & Are You Kidding Me?.



Chloe PicoEdit

Sally is very great "sister besties" with Chloe. They both have a page on the Cherry Blossom High Website. In The Worst, it is revealed that Sally’s mom got married to Chloe’s dad and Sally & Chloe became sisters. Even though they don't have the same skin color. Chloe is Sally's half-sister.

Sally’s MotherEdit

Sally gets along with her quite okay. She does get angry at her at times, but she does get better along with her.


See Sally Pico/Quotes.

Sally's SongsEdit


  • She gets sick easily.
  • Her height is 2'7
  • She shares her room with Chloe.
  • As of Season 7, Sally had a speaking role in 67 episodes.
  • The show spells Sally's name as both Sally-Ann or Sally.
  • The name of the character, Sally-Ann, is the name of the actress as well.