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Sally Pico & Chloe Pico

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"Chloe: I don't laugh like that.
Sally: Puppies with hearts around them.
(Chloe laughs)
Chloe: Dang it.
— An exchange between Sally and Chloe in Shut Up, Brat!

Cally is a paring between Sally Pico & Chloe Pico (C/hloe and S/ally). More commonly less used paring names for this would be Shloe (S/ally and C/hloe) or Saloe (Sa/lly and Ch/loe). Although Sally has anger issues, they get along perfectly with each other. Sally loves kissing her sister Chloe and Chloe loves the same thing as revealed in The Worst. Friendship between the two is also often explored.

A frequent theme of the pairing's dynamic is compromise and exception-making with each other. The two have been shown to be friends or "sister besties" and have shown surprisingly little animosity towards one another.

Cally MomentsEdit



Season 1Edit

The WorstEdit

  • Chloe is Sally's first pick for a partner when she does a notice that way exercise in Improv class, while Brandon is her third pick (this is surprising because Brandon is her boyfriend and she was very over-protective of him).
  • It should also be noted that Chloe begins to stand up when Mrs. Sisters chooses Sally to lead their improv skit before Sally even selects her, suggesting that she already knew that she would be Sally's first choice.

Sally Gets StuckEdit

  • Sally performs a sketch with Chloe in class (this could be because they were chosen to perform together, or they wanted to work together).
  • Sally yells "REALLY, MRS. SISTERS?!" in a disapproving and seriously irritated tone when she hits Chloe in the face with a book by accident.
  • Chloe bumps into Sally when she stands up after Sisters hits her in the face with a book, and Sally tolerates it.
  • Sally is severely annoyed and angry that Sisters hit Chloe with a book.
  • Sally invites Chloe to have dinner with her.

Let's Make The Most Of ItEdit

  • Sally has no problem with Chloe being Brandon's partner and shows no signs of possessiveness towards him when she hears it, showing that she trusts Chloe.
  • Sally looks shocked when Miranda fake-punches Chloe.
  • Sally claps after Chloe's performance.
  • Chloe and Sally sit next to each other at lunch.
  • When Sally says, "Y'all are pissing me off," she looks at everyone except Chloe.
    • Likewise, Chloe doesn't respond to the above, possibly, because she knows that she's not addressed, or she knows that Sally doesn't mean it.